By now just about everyone has seen or been in a photo booth at an event. Now while I still love the concept of providing fun activities for your guests, the typical photo booth just isn’t enough anymore to wow your guests. We recently encountered three companies that are really changing it up. Their twist on the photo booth caught our attention and will surely catch your guest’s.

1. TapSnap
Imagine a giant iPad where your guests can take their own picture, draw on it, write a message on it, and then share it on their social media. TapSnap is a 42 inch multi-touch screen that screams “come play with me”. We think it is a great addition to any event with smartphone loving, Facebookaholic, Instagram addict guests.


2. Onkei Photography
One of the problems with photo booths has always been that that big black box does not exactly mesh well with the beautiful decor you have been working months on. Onkei Photography has solved that with their super sleek and minimal “photo booth”. You can place this contraption anywhere at your reception and it will blend easily with it’s surroundings. Perfect for posh weddings.


3. Dirty Sugar
We have also seen plenty of photo booths with fun props for your guests. Giant sunglasses, feather boas, and top hats are staples in everyone’s pictures. What we absolutely LOVE about Dirty Sugar is that they custom make their props. First they have a consultation with you to find out more about your story as a couple. Then they go to work creating the cute and clever props that your guests will love! Here are some pictures from our recent wedding at Vizcaya where Dirty Sugar stole the show. Not only were the guests lining up for a turn at the booth, they stuck around to see and laugh at everyone else’s crazy antics.




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