It is only a few days away! It’s the opening ceremonies for the XXII Olympics! It’s the biggest event in the world and we always love to see what new and exciting things they come out with. It definitely is a huge source of inspiration for us. And as such huge Olympic fans, imagine our excitement when we were hired to produce Olympic speed skater, KC Boutiette’s wedding! His sweetheart of a fiancée, Kristi came to us requesting a special, family oriented wedding that was representative of their personalities and their love for each other

Kristi is a very successful advertising rep. She came with very clear ideas and inspiration for her big day. We just helped her combine all her ideas in a way that would flow and look spectacular in person. We had enough time to really focus on the details of each moment. Custom monograms were created for the menus. We brought in firepots for the pool area to add warmth to the cocktail area. We even created a cool photo walkway at the entrance of the house with great pictures of the couple.



Blue and lime green where the colors of the day. We love to add a little print to our events. We chose this grassy, zebra-ish one and combined it with some oriental blue and white print in the form of porcelain vases and balls. Like we always say, it doesn’t have to match perfectly, it just has to make sense with the overall scheme.

blue-green-wedding-program    Wedding-Monogram-Green

The bride and groom love to have fun together. They wanted to have lots of things for their guests to do at their wedding. We had the much-anticipated FSU vs. UM game playing in the theater room. We had a fun photo booth full of costumes to play with, and we had a great dance floor complete with disco ball to dance the night away. And to make sure guests could find their way, we created a wooden sign to direct them to all the fun areas.


miami-wedding-photobook     Wedding-photobooth-props
Finally, what is an Olympian’s wedding without some Olympic rings? Kristi wanted to design a special surprise groom’s cake for KC. We took the picture of KC to Elegant Temptations, where they created an amazing cake set on top of an acrylic box full of brussel sprouts to represent the wreath they placed on KC during the medal ceremony in Brussels. In order to properly display this masterpiece, we created a candy and dessert favor table at the entrance of the house. The guests were wowed to see five sections of sweets in the 5 colors of the Olympic rings. It was a showstopper.

olympic-groom's-cake         olympic-candy-bar
From the ceremony, to the photowalk, to the favor table, to the grand tent, every moment in KC and Kristi’s wedding was designed to tell their guests the story of their love. And a great story it is.

Photography by Magda Hernandez

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