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My Biggest Competition: Your Pinterest Loving Secretary

It’s that magic time a year where holiday parties need to be planned and shopped for. As a corporate event planner and designer, I cheer with glee! Ok, so South Florida is not the most Christmasy place ever, but I love the opportunity to completely redo a company’s holiday party. By focusing on the actual goal of the party (to thank the employees and increase employee moral and loyalty to the company) I design every detail, song, and bite to reach this goal. But as I deliver the magical budget to the boss, here comes the Pinterest happy secretary. “I can just do it myself for less”. And unfortunately for me, many times the boss listens and goes with his free “planner” who is already on pay roll.

Now, answer this. Would you let one of your employees take on your legal issues because he diligently watched all seven seasons of The Good Wife?! No!! You value your company. You act professional and want professionals doing their best work possible for you. Shouldn’t your holiday party be the same? This is a moment of gratitude. A day where you are thanking your employees for their hardwork AND a demonstration on how you expect things done at your company.

So, do you want next year to be a throw some supermarket platters on a table year, or do you want a hand-lettered personalized charger under each plate kind of year? Every interaction between you and your employees is an opportunity to show the quality of work you expect. And your holiday party is the perfect moment to set the tone for the following year. Your secretary has enough to do, call me and my team of corporate event planners. Let’s do this right this year (305) 676-4430 or (561) 510-1614.

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