EVENTS: 7 Quick Must-Dos When Hiring a Cigar Roller for your Event

No fluff, here. These are just things that I consistently see done wrong at events with cigar roller. I always cringe and think how easily this could have been fixed and presented well, so that the guests got the best experience possible.

  1. Ask for a photo of the table the person will be rolling at. It should be wood, size appropriate, and authentic looking. Now, for some reason, most cigar rollers will ask you to provide the table. No worries. Rent a 4×30″ table with a burlap linen. A 6′ table looks way to big, and a poly linen just ruins the whole look! And remember to have a matching wooden chair. Some will bring the table, but not a chair. Plan for both things to make sure the look is on point.
  2. Make sure they bring tools and boxes to decorate the table. A wooden block and a knife do not cut it (ha, ha, I just got my pun). You want the cigar holder with the cutouts, the leaf press, and maybe some old cigar boxes. Look at the photo above for inspiration. Screenshot it and send it to them. “This is what I want the table to look like please.”
  3. Cigars dry up quickly if they are not protected, so make sure the cigar roller is bringing plastic sleeves for each cigar. This allows guests to take home this wonderful favor. Also, if you want to deter the guests from smoking at your event, you can let the roller know to give out each cigar in the wrapper with a sticker. This usually works.
  4. LIGHTING Are you tired of me saying this yet?! Lighting will make or break any element you have at your event. You can cover all the bases I went over above, but if you have an under (or over) lit cigar roller, the effect is just not there. So choose a dark, or moody area for the table, and then properly spotlight it from above. One magnetic pinspot, or well placed standing lamp, is all you need to create the perfect vignette.
  5. Now this one is funny to me. Cigar Roller, check. Cigars, check. Matches and ash trays? Did anyone get matches and ash trays? In Spanish we say “se cae de la mata” (translates to it falls from the tree) or OBVIOUS. But not so obvious as I consistently see this at many events.
  6. Cigar rings are a cute way to customize the experience for your event. They are very easy to order on places like Etsy. Here is a link to one shop that designs beautiful ones. Make sure you TELL your cigar roller that you are bringing them. They have special tools and glues to stick these on.
  7. Finally, when calculating what quantity to get, I usually suggest to get 60%-70% of your guest count for most things like cake, mints, programs, etc… But I have seen how everyone loves these. Whether they are an aficionado or not, they have a husband, grandfather, or friend that love them, and they happily take one to gift. Plan for one for each guest attending your event.
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