5 Quickest Ways to Save on your Big Day!

Here are Five simple tips that will help you save BIG BUCKS on your wedding. 

1. Location is key! Wedding venues in major cities, like Miami, FL  raise their prices because of their high demand location. By finding a venue that is on the outskirts of the city, you can save big. I like to look at places like Ft. Lauderdale, Homestead, or Key Largo.You can save up to 50% of the cost for a venue that’s just as nice or sometimes even nicer! Just be sure that there are hotels near the venue. You do not want to blow your savings on the transportation needed to get your guests to the venue.
Another way to save on your venue is to have your wedding on a Friday or Sunday; the fees for venues drop dramatically, and other vendors give discounts as well since they have less demand than on a Saturday.

2. Reduce your guest count! This is one of the fastest ways you can save money. Everything you purchase will be “per person” from your catering, the liquor, and even your rentals! If you limit the amount of people you invite, you will be able to achieve the look you want within your budget. If you haven’t already, watch our Budget & Guest Count video.

3. Skip the premium open bar! Rather than investing on liquor that will most likely not be consumed or appreciated, pick one or two liquors that you know guests will enjoy. My favorite combination is a vodka, white rum, white wine, and red wine. Then pick fun mixers and garnishes that your guests will enjoy. Or opt to have a specialty cocktail, a nitrogen bar, or a mixology bar! By not having to purchase all of the typical options in a bar, you will save big. And as a bonus, when there are less choices, the bartenders are able to work faster. That will reduce the wait time at the bar.

4. Save on wedding stationary! One of the easiest ways to do this is to have someone design your stationary. I love to find artists on websites like Etsy.com. You will be able to get something completely customized for you. And while they are at it, don’t stop at wedding invitations, have them design the menus, programs, even the place cards. Then have the designer send you the digital files and have the items printed at your local print shop! Nowadays print shops have more than just your ordinary card stock. From linen to kraft paper, there are many choices to get the look you want.

5. Do a little legwork when it comes to the decor! For instance, you can purchase vases at a craft store or even the dollar store and supply them to the florists. Florists will then only charge you for the flowers and their labor. I have been able to get the same vase that a florist was charging me $40.00 for for $3.00 at Walmart! Multiple that by 15 vases, that was a $555.00 saving!!
This applies to other vendors as well. Another example is a draping company. You can supply them with the fabric, or tie backs that you would like to use, for example, and they will just charge you for their labor.As a planner, I have saved my wedding and corporate clients thousands of dollars by following these tip.  They are simple, but the savings will add up fast!
Cheers! Joan Love

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