Creating a Memorable Environment: Art Basel Edition

Once a year Miami is filled with out-of-towners, celebrities, and local art fanatics. Each year the exhibitions and parties getting bigger and better! What makes Art Basel such a memorable event?

The venue, whether it’s a large warehouse or an intimate gallery, should always be transformed into something that guests will never forget. The art will always be the main showcase but lighting, food, and entertainment are some things that tie an event together. What’s great about Art Basel is that in only comes around once a year for a couple of days. The foods you eat, the art you see, the music you hear will be gone once the weekend passes… but the novelty of the festivities always remain.

We produced an amazing event for the fashion company, Moncler, at the 1111 building. When turning the garage space into a winter wonderland, we looked at everything from the cuisine to the custom fabric on the lounges. Just like art, when you are producing an event, you need to speak to the senses.

I can’t wait to see what Art Basel 2016 will be like! Cheers!

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