A micro wedding may not be what you were dreaming of, but there are so many great benefits to having one. I have been preaching about having small weddings for years. So much so that I had one myself in 2009.

At the time I had been planning weddings for a couple of years. I kept seeing some patterns in my clients that were not what I expected from happy brides and grooms. First, they were so stressed out about the money being spent that they had tension between them. Which was so unfortunate when this was the honeymoon stage. Then, I noticed that the couple had no time to speak to all the guests. I couldn’t imagine someone spending hundred if not thousands of dollars to come attend my celebration, and I give them less than two minutes of my time. And lastly, I saw that the couples with the grandest affairs where the first ones to blurt out these horrid words “I can’t wait for it to be all over.”

{Gasp!} What?! This is a moment they should want to relive again and again! Oh hell no I thought. I am not making these mistakes when I get married. As I searched for “a better way” I found something that would work for me. Something without all the stress and with all the love. I found micro weddings and I had one. It was amazing!

Over the years, I have tried to preach to my couples on the benefits of micro weddings. I have to admit, I didn’t have many takers. People are bombarded by images of these grand weddings. They feel the fear of missing out if they don’t have one themselves. But this pandemic has forced the idea of micro weddings on couples. Many of you mourn the big, elaborate wedding you desired. So I am here to cheer you up. Maybe this shift is forcing you unto a path that was better for you all along. Here are the benefits of micro weddings:

  1. You will spend less: The number one benefit of a micro wedding is that you will spend less money. Think about it. If you are spending $50 a person for food and alcohol, one hundred guests will cost you $5000, thirsty guests will cost you $1500. Or go crazy and hire a private chef that charges $200 per person, for 10 guests, and serves the best cuisine ever! You just spend $2000 on an epic meal instead of a blah one.
  2. You will have people there that actually support you: I have had many a bride stressed out because the napkins are not perfect and what would Aunt Karen say. Or the groom feels obligated to get the premium open bar because his boss will not drink anything but top shelf. Well guess what, when you invite only the closest, tightest knit group of people in your life you don’t worry about any of those things. Because they are at your micro wedding for YOU.
  3. You will make real memories: With a small group, you will have the time to dance with each guest. You will be able to sit with the important people in your life and have quality time with them. This is a moment neither of you will forget.
  4. You will have less stress and truly enjoy your day: Less financial pressure + the most important people around you that support you = less stress. Goodbye bridezilla, the aloof groom, the overbearing MIL, and hello joy.
  5. You will focus on the love: Without all the pressure and extra noise around you, you will be able to go through this wedding planning journey with your partner in a loving way. This is your first big project together. This is a time to work as a team and learn more about each other. The entire celebration is about your love and marriage. Don’t let anything distract you from that.
  6. You will get what you want: Ok, this one is shallow but oh so true. You want that Instagram worthy wedding with the expensive champagne, fine china, and fields of peonies. It might not be feasible for you for a party of one hundred and fifty guests. But it is reachable for the twenty guests at your micro wedding. Cutting down the guests list exponentially decreases the budget you need to have an elaborate wedding. Cristal anyone?
  7. You will be happier the day after: You will have to take my word for this one. I have planned hundreds of weddings over the past twelve years. The couples who have the smaller weddings, surrounded by their closest family and friends, and that do not overextend themselves financially, are always happier. ALWAYS! Everyone looks happy on the dance floor, everybody grins widely at the bar, but these couples look elated the day after. I can not describe it. I just know the look.

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