On the day of your wedding, while your gorgeous self is getting your makeup done, the caterer will call to review which guests have a food allergy, your limo driver will call to go over the pick up addresses, and at least one other vendor (probably most of them) will call with a “small problem” that needs to be addressed, now do you want your phone to ring or mine?
I have seen it a hundred times, brides look through the magazines and think, “I can do this planning thing, it doesn’t seem too hard.” But what they really need to realize is how time consuming it is, and there is not enough time to be both planner and bride.

Here are some of the top benefits by having a wedding planner, here in Miami, or anywhere else:

1. I am your ally during the planning process and on the day of. My job is to have your best interest. The months of planning allow me and my team to really get to know you, so that on the day of we can act on your behalf making sure everything is produced just like if you were holding the baton yourself.

2. We already made all the mistakes. There are so many challenges that brides do not foresee, and you don’t have time to learn from your mistakes when you only have one shot at it. We can guide you through the planning process and day of so you freely go over the pitfalls that other brides fall through.

3. We save you money! Yes, a good planner is expensive, but we actually pay for ourselves. From venues, to vendors, to tricks of the trade, we are experts striking deals and stretching your budget to the maximum.

4. We are the “scapegoat”. Your mother wanted peach roses and you want purple hydrangeas. You will have a gorgeous wedding full of purple hydrangeas and a team to blame it on. Go ahead, we will deal with mom.

5. You get to be a bride. Nobody dreams of their wedding as a day full of task lists, phone calls, and invoices. Every bride wants to be the princess for a day. So hire a planner! You will be pampered and fawned over while we take the calls and do the dirty work.

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