The Launch of Trisha Yearwood’s Coffee & a Lesson on Branding Corporate Events

It is still all a blur. I was reached out to by one of my favorite brands to design and produce an event for one of my favorite musical artists, and I had less that one day to present a full design board to get the gig. Well about 20 hours of coffee, no-sleep, and scouring the internet led to not one, but two mood boards submitted. A couple of hours later, we got the event!!! One thing though, you have 24 hours to order all the items you need from our stores so that they can ship in time. No problem! Enter another 24 hours of coffee, a little bit of sleep, and getting very familiar with Pottery Barn, West Elm, and William Sonoma’s inventories. It was a marathon to say the least, but my team and I came through. However in hindsight, we would have never been able to pull this off if we weren’t prepared.

I’ve heard it a million times. You are supposed to continue to learn, practice, and perfect your trade so that when that opportunity shows up you are ready for the task. In this case, I had been spending the past couple of months perfecting my design boards so that I could share them on social media and properly convey what my team and I were capable of. We started using Photoshop and then learned that Keynote was much better for this (If you don’t know what Instant Alpha is yet, it will change your life!) We began being very meticulous about branding when it came to design. How do we use all senses to tell the story of the brand? What objects can we use to tell the story without resorting to the logo being plastered everywhere? How can we make an even bigger impact without breaking the bank? Our design process was (and still is) becoming more streamlined, unique, intentional, and sellable.

So when it came time to create the board for William Sonoma’s launch of Trisha Yearwood’s coffee line, we were ready. We were a well oiled machine that could have actually completed this task in half the time given to us. And I like to think that the client saw that and it gave them confidence to hire us from the other side of the country.

P.S. The Georgia Pecan coffee is to die for!!! #butfirstcoffee

William Sonoma Canisters at Corporate event for Trisha Yearwood coffee line from Trisha's Southern Kitchen. The canisters were filled with coffee beans, pecans, and vanilla.
We chose these canisters with circular handles to play off the circles in the background of the coffee labels.

Custom branded coffee sack with Trisha Yearwood's logo hand painted on them
Joamna from Love.Style.Letters hand painted this stamp on burlap coffee sacks. It was a fun way to bring in branding.
We added potted herbs to add that feel of being in a Southern Kitchen. And of course we had to get these adorable ceramic cow creamers.
Celebrity corporate event designed and planned by Joan Love of Love.Style.Events at the Lowes Hotel in Miami Beach, Florida
Coffee Tasting Corner for William Sonoma and Trisha Yearwood at South Beach Food and Wine Festival
Joamna Ramirez, Trisha Yearwood, and Joan Love. Celebrity Event Planners at The South Beach Food and Wine Festival at the Lowes Hotel
Celebrity corporate event designed and planned by Joan Love of Love.Style.Events at the Lowes Hotel in Miami Beach, Florida
The Design Board that landed the job 😉

Links to Shop some of the great items we used at the event:

Trisha Yearwood Coffee Set, $59.99

Modern Cabinet Bookcase, $699

Reeve Mid-Century Counter Table, $499.99

Compass Kitchen Island, Quartz, $499.99

Dansk Niklas Canisters, $50-$67

Nubby Table Runner, $39.00

Beachcomber Wood Handled Basket, $99.00

Galvanized Roland Planters (small), $49.00

Copper Wire Fruit Basket, $59.95

Apilco Cow Creamer, $26.36

Galvanized Metal Condiment & Tray Set, $24 (We used these as planters for the herbs. Just drill a hole in the bottom and voila!)

All the gorgeous flowers were done by our friend Danielle from Oli Flor 🙂

Corporate event planner at Olympia Theater in Miami Florida

Producing a concert for Michael Jackson’s music was a Thrill!

We were thrilled to be asked by the Unity team to help produce their first concert, in the United States, for their new album, “Unity: A Latin Tribute to Michael Jackson. We have known the Succar family for a while. We knew that their talent and big hearts would make this an unbelievable project. But we had no idea how much fun it was going to be to work with some of Latin Music’s top artists.

This entire concert was shot for a documentary airing on PBS in October.

Production Day 1: Tony and I went over the tight schedule. From multiple days of catering for the entire cast & crew, all front of the house logistics, and the complex riders for the artists, this was a big job.

As the backline arrived, I took a moment to go up to the balcony and take in the beauty of the Olympia Theater. Just wow!!!


And then Sheila E’s timbales came in. Bedazzled of course!

We would take breaks from all the front of the house setups to hear these amazing artists sing during rehearsals. Listening to Judith Hill sing in an empty theater is something I will never forget.

And after we had all our part done we got to enjoy the show…Ok, not really since we were running around doing breakdown, but we got to see some of it from backstage.

Sheila E
Jon Secada
Michael Stuart


 Angel Lopez


Kevin Ceballo


Jean Rodriguez
 Obie Bermudez and Jennifer Peña

 And the percussion master…Tony Succar!

All these amazing photos were taken by Chip Yacob

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