Place setting at Corporate event at Vizcaya in Miami Florida

I get it. You are planning a corporate event and want to make sure the guests are aware of your brand. So you blow up your logo and put it everywhere! It’s on the wall, the cocktail napkins, cups, matches, and everywhere else you can think of.

But did the guests really get what your brand is? Did you properly plan and produce an event that describes what your company is about? I have learned, through the years as a corporate event planner, that by personalizing different aspects of your event, you can truly engrain your message into the guests’ experience.

Hosting a corporate event is more than logo awareness. It’s an opportunity to teach your customers and potential clients about what your company’s mission and how your products or services will transform their lives.

Get this message of transformation across during your event. Do you provide fast service, do you spend time on the details, do you spare no expense in creating the ultimate flavor? If you have a top fashion brand that uses luxe fabrics, wrap each lounge sofa in fabrics that the guests can feel. If you have a beverage with years of history, use the progression of the night’s food and drinks to tell the story. If you have a banking company that provides VIP customer service, use every interaction with the guests from the valet, to the coat check, to the night’s entertainment to personally greet and attend to each guest.

A corporate event is one of the most incredible marketing opportunities you have where you are face to face with your customers. So let us plan the experience accordingly and watch your ROI soar.

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