I get it. As an event producer, I am “top of funnel” for sales and people want access to my clients. I receive various invitations to new venues, restaurants, galleries, vendor offices and more EVERY…SINGLE…DAY. So let’s get more creative people! No one wants cocktails from whatever left over alcohol, or to fight for the three trays of appetizers that get spread out during the three hour “party”. We also do not want to be in a room, surrounded by our competitors, again.
If you do not put effort into your networking, people will not put in the effort to attend.
Here are three ideas of how you can ACTUALLY get people to experience your place or service. (These are actual ideas I have used with my restaurant/hotel consultation clients, and they work)

1. Let the person experience your venue on their own terms. Give them a complimentary dinner (with their own guest, not you) or overnight stay. Let them enjoy first and then schedule a short time to connect and give them more information.

2. Invite the person to do something you would never normally do. I once got invited to a hotel dinner, but we were actually given aprons and led to the kitchen to cook our own dinner with the executive chef. It was Epic! (And I brought them six figures in sales that year)

3. Send them a lead first. Establish the relationship as mutually beneficial before you ask them to visit you.

Trust me, these strategies work and this little bit of extra effort will increase your ROI and it decreases your disappointment of an empty party. 


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