Party Planner in Miami holding rose gold balloons in Little Havana Florida

Being a party planner is so much fun! We constantly get to participate in celebrating others. Their life, their love, and their success. Throughout the journey, I love how our clients are surprised at how much we preach to not focus on the material items, but on this special moment in their lives. Not what you expect to hear from a party planner. But as much as we love elaborate décor and immersive experiences, we don’t like to see clients overspending on items that they can’t afford and don’t add to the true meaning of the event. Now don’t get us wrong, we love parties that are #extra.  But unfortunately, this had led to many people not wanting a party because they can’t afford the elaborate event. Erroneously, their number one goal is to impress the guests or get the right IG photos. And in that head space they are forgetting the person they are celebrating. Where is the love?

So I am going to give you the speech I give my clients at Love.Style.Events. “This is one day, one moment in your story. You will not remember the $1,000 centerpieces. You will probably regret overspending on the elaborate dessert table that gets destroyed in seconds, and so what if only half the guests show up to your company launch party. Party anyways! Because you will remember how much you laughed and danced, how your best friend got teary eyed and cheered you on, and how people showed up to celebrate YOU!”

So grab a cake, some balloons, and a playlist of your favorite songs. And party! That’s really all it takes. #celebrateconstantly

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