When you are deciding on when to start planning a corporate event, don’t think about how long it will take to plan it, think about whether other companies are scooping up the best venues for your event date. We are already helping some of the companies coming in for the International Bar Association’s convention with their events in November 2020. As one of the biggest conventions planned at the Miami Beach Convention center, there will be tons of companies capitalizing on having the top lawyers from around the country in Miami. Therefore, having the best venue, and the most sought after invitation is key to getting the attendees you want at your event.

Step one: plan now!  We know the earlier you can secure your venue and vendors, the better. One time we helped a company secure a venue that wasn’t even open yet. The buzz was hot and we knew the venue was going to be as well. During the event, the clients only expected 75 guests since there were so many other parties and dinners happening at the same time (including a big party by Google). The result? 225 guests !!! They were thrilled. (And luckily our team was able to think fast and be resourceful enough to host the 225 guests without a hitch). So morale of the story, if you are hosting an event in Miami and desire to get the attendees of the biggest convention venues (MBCC, Marriot Marquis, Trump Doral, Fontainebleau, or even The Diplomat) to come to your event, and your event is before 2021, the time to contact us is now!



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