We were extremely excited to be planning and producing one of the first weddings at the new Faena hotel in Miami Beach. From the moment you walk in, you are bombarded with decadent paintings, grandiose furnishings, and giant gilded sculptures. You will find a leopard print couch, tasseled umbrellas, a column wrapped in giant candy-colored seashells, and a ridiculously expensive acrylic box encasing a fossil dipped in gold all within 50 steps of each other. We were so overwhelmed with inspiration that we did not know where to start designing this Faena wedding. But then we met with our bride and found out that her fun personality was even more interesting and diverse than the venue itself, we knew we had to focus on the elements that described her and her relationship with her husband to be.

For the ceremony, we wanted a statement piece that was like no other we had seen. This ring of leaves and flowers was a great anchor to the mismatched furniture on the sand.

Beach ceremony with armchairs and circular arch behind Faena hotel in Miami


The cocktail hour area was a mammoth of an area. LOL! Seriously, we could not ignore the elephant in the room! Ok, I will stop now. We decided to give the mammoth some friends. The cocktail tables were decorated with dinosaur plant holders painted in gold.

Gold stegosaurus cocktail hour at faena miami beach, fl gold t-rex plant holder cocktail wedding planner faena miami Wedding cocktail hour around mammoth at faena miami beach

The entrance of the reception featured a custom neon sign welcoming the guests. This probably has to be my favorite piece of the entire event. I love to design pieces that can the go home with the clients and remind them of this special day.

custom neon sign for faena forum wedding in miami beach



For the dinner tables, we wanted to feature the bride’s journalist background. The runner was made up of pages from her favorite books. We also hollowed out books and filled them with moss and small flowers. We used those as the table numbers.

reception table with book page runner anemones and gold chargers at faena

light blue and gold wedding table decor in faena forum miami beach florida

Book table numbers with moss at faena miami beach wedding


The Faena forum has a lot of grey and white marble. In order to incorporate that into our decor, we had custom throw pillows made for the lounge areas. The guests must of loved these areas. They spent a lot of time there lounging and dancing 🙂

custom marble throw pillows in wedding lounge at faena south beach

blame custom neon sign scarface faena wedding in miami beach





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