With what seems like a new event planner popping up in Miami everyday, we thought we would make it easy on you, and list out just 5 of the many reasons our team is a great fit for your next event.

1 The Proximity Principle

If you want to be the best, hang around the best. Our roster of clients speaks for itself, from planning fashion shows for Dior, to helping Trisha Yearwood launch her coffee line, we work with very discerning clients that expect attention to every detail. We have also accumulated a list of the best vendors in South Florida. We only work with vendors that are reliable, joyful, and always go above and beyond for our clients.

2 Sixteen Years of Experience

When you have seen it all, you can prepare for anything, and that is what makes a good planner. We know the traffic patterns of the city, what yearly events cause shutdowns and increased pricing, who the best vendors in town are, and who to avoid at all cost.

2. We keep it Cool

Our team is known in South Florida as “the calm planners”. Experience leads to confidence. Our team plans and plans for every single element of your event so much that we feel confident on the day of that we can handle any changes or surprises. We pass that calmness to you by showing you our process every step of the way. Our clients are confident that we our doing our job and can let go, and enjoy their event.

3. Creativity is better served personalized

While we love to push the envelope and incorporate new technologies and trends in events, our main focus is to design the event to best represent you. Personalizing an event is the best way of keeping it evergreen. Because while trends change, the essence of who you are and how you make people feel stays the same.

4. Luxury with a coupon

No matter whether your budget is $20,000 or $2,000,000 there is always room to save, and always the need for a better deal. We are extremely respectful of budgets and make sure our clients get the best event for their money. We pass on discounts, search for deals online, and get creative on executing the vision within the budget our clients are comfortable with.

5. We are here for you

We are your cheerleaders, your advocate, your organizers, your assistants, your tie breakers, and your sounding board. Planning a big event is a journey full of pressure and emotions. But after 16 years, we know that making this journey a joyful one is something that our clients never forget.

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