John Legend performing for virtual events in concert

Virtual events are here to stay. Honestly, with new platforms popping up on a daily basis, it is not difficult to sign up and schedule the event with a few clicks. On the planning side, it can be easier to put together a virtual event than a physical one. The hard part is in making sure people actually show up to your virtual event. How do you make it interesting and interactive? How do you add enough of the “fun” element to it so that guests wouldn’t dare miss it? Below we present three types of virtual events that we have seen extremely successful in the percentage of attendees that actually logged in. We also give you links to our favorite platforms and tips on pulling these events off.


Everyone loves magic. Whether someone loves to be amazed, or loves trying to find out how a trick it done, a magic show appeals to a large variety of people. But what is even better than watching someone else pull off “cool” tricks, is learning how to do them yourself.

This virtual event requires a physical box of magic tools to be sent to the attendees. The box is a fantastic way to get guests excited about the virtual event. They can see that this will be an interactive event where they will feel included and learn a great new party trick. The box is also an opportunity to add a physical invitation and branded items.

For the event, have the magician or illusionist perform magic first to gain the audiences trust. Then the magician can teach the magic tricks. Finally, have choose volunteers from the attendees to show off their new tricks.

Tip: When hiring a magician, make sure they have experience performing online. This is a crucial skill to make sure their energy and enthusiasm comes through the screen and entertains your guests.

One of our Faves: Justin Willman from Magic for Humans

Magician for Virtual event
Justin Willman performs virtually with the use of an Ipad


An escape room is a themed room with progressive clues in it that leads to you or your team escaping the room. They are a lot of fun in person, but here is what I love about the virtual ones; you are part of a team, and that provides accountability. That’s right. If you know that your team is depending on you to show up to the virtual event, then you will be more likely to show up.

This is also a great team building activity as the participants need to communicate and work together to figure out the clues. Also, many platforms allow you to brand or customize the rooms a bit to match whatever purpose you have for this event.

Tip: Send your guests a sign up sheet a week before the event. Allow them to sign up for a team, come up with team names, and even choose themed clothing to wear.

One of our Faves: Roobicks Escape Rooms

Roobicks virtual event escape the room game


This one is pricey, but I bet not one invited guest will miss it! Imagine having a famous DJ or Superstar giving a live virtual concert just for your team. Even better, you have your own avatar where you can live out your roady dreams.

The draw of this type of interactive virtual event is that it gives access to the attendees to a person they would normally not have access to. And it does it in a way where the attendee still feels protected. Even the most introverted attendee will feel comfortable watching and interacting through their avatar.

Tip: You can add a fundraising element by allowing “concert goers” to make pledges in order to “vote” for the songs they artist will perform.

One of our Faves: Wave

John Legend performs virtually for virtual event concert
Virtual event attendees watch John Legend perform and interact through their avatars

Can’t fathom putting together boxes for 500 attendees? Don’t know where to start to book DJ Aoki for your company bash? Send us a message and we will be happy to help you plan a successful virtual event.

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